Plan is Under Construction.

COVID-19 Impact

the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our plans this year (outlined below). The small executive team is still working in the background trying to kick-start community association activities. We always need your help. Please feel free to reach out via the contact link on the main page.

Protecting our greenspace:

Greenspace protection is a key priority for the Kanata Lakes community. Alongside Kanata North Councillor Jenna Sudds and the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition, the KLCA remains committed to resisting Clublink’s proposal to re-develop the golf course and upholding the original 40% Agreement.

  • Monitoring local development planning:

The KLCA is monitoring issues arising from the proposed Kanata Lakes North (KNL) development. We asked the city to re-establish the bike path that existed between the Beaverpond and the CN Rail line crossing, which was removed during KNL phase 9 construction. We are also monitoring drainage issues in the area, which can cause problems with mosquitoes.

  • Promoting traffic safety and control:

The KLCA was successful in getting the city to install a dedicated green light at the intersection of Terry Fox (south) into Kanata Avenue. We will continue advocating to keep Goulbourn Forced Road open even when the KNL new phases 7,8,9 are completed. We will also advocate for more roundabouts in new developments (instead of 4 way stops), and identify where roundabouts can be placed in current 4 way intersections. We continue monitoring any other traffic issues as they arise.

  • Promoting public health awareness:

The KLCA is monitoring the developments of the Covid-19/Coronvirus and its potential impacts on our community, and working to promote the health and safety of our residents.

  • Supporting neighborhood security:

The KLCA continues supporting and assisting any areas/streets in Kanata Lakes that wish to establish a Neighborhood Watch Program and report any crime-related issues or concerns to the Ottawa Police Service.

  • Inspiring local youth:

The KLCA, in partnership with Beaverbrook’s Library Teen Advisory Group program, is launching the first Inspire Youth workshop in the ‘Careers Discovery’ series with a focus on science and technology-related fields. We are also in contact with additional professionals for future monthly workshops in April and May with more planned for the 2020-21 school year. We are always looking for more professionals who can volunteer to be guest speakers.

  • Expanding community membership:

The KLCA will be launching a membership drive this year to raise additional revenues in support of our ongoing community efforts and activities. We need new members and additional resources through qualified and dedicated volunteer board members, area representatives, and others key roles. Important Update: Given the COVID-19 situation,our planned Annual General meeting (originally planned for May) was postponed indefinitely.