COVID-19 Update

Please follow Ottawa Public Health for the latest updates as situation is always evolving.


Covid19 update from Jenna Sudds:

UPDATE: 2PM Sunday March 15th

Today marked a very important shift in direction from Ottawa Public Health. Doctor Vera Etches, our Chief Medical Officer is asking all people in Ottawa to increase their practices of social distancing. This means:

• Limiting non-essential trips out of the home

• Working to maintain a distance of 1-2 meters from other people as much as possible.

• We are asking people to keep their children home from daycare if possible

• Check with their employers about options for working from home or implementing distancing at work.

Unless we act now to limit COVID-19 transmission in our community, we will not be able to keep the numbers who require hospital treatment all at once to a manageable number. We each need to do our part to ensure that our healthcare providers do not have to choose between who lives and who dies due to a lack of capacity to care for the most vulnerable people.

Social distancing measures can make a huge difference to limit the rapid spread of illness.

As you can tell from the guidance above, the situation is grave. Please stay home. Please safe. Please follow Ottawa Public Health for reliable up to date information.