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Dear members of the community,

The Kanata Lakes Community Association is the community association representing the interests of the community that consists of the original core of Kanata Lakes surrounding the Kanata Golf Course, Heritage Hills, Kanata Estates and Richardson Ridge, essentially the whole of Kanata North surrounded by Campeau Drive to the South, Terry Fox to the West,  West of Beaverbrook and South of Morgan’s Grant. The community association works to represent community interests concerning development issues, traffic safety, and other community concerns like public safety. The local city councillor seeks community input via community associations on various matters that concern the city. We also have the potential mandate to run other programs like community BBQ’s, community clean-up, youth programs, youth mentorship programs.  The community association can fulfil its potential to enrich the community but it requires input and leadership from people in the community.

We need to inform you of the board’s current situation and request your assistance in locating experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated board members to continue operations. While our current board has directed the community association for the past 2-4 years during the challenging period 2018-2022;  just prior to the arrival of the Clublink Golf Course issue, through the course of the Pandemic where activities had to be curtailed, the board can no longer fulfil its duties. Several of the board members have already had to drop out due to personal commitments. Now two of the remaining four board members have to drop their commitment immediately or within the next few months due to other personal commitments. Despite this, they continue to express their utmost desire to act in an advisory capacity to aid in the transition of new executives, for as long as required.

We need new people who have an interest in building up the community association.  We need a new president, vice president, secretary and membership secretary, as well as several members at large to shoulder the load. The programs and projects that the community association continues or initiates is up to you.  It can and will be defined by you. If you would like to become involved or would like to know more, please send an e-mail to kanatalakesca@gmail.com.  We are considering an in person event in mid-April to mid-May to bring together interested people.

We look forward to connecting and thank you in advance for your time.

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The Kanata Lakes community is composed of several original interconnected developments including Kanata Lakes, Shaughnessy Village, Kanata Estates, Richardson Ridge.

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