Ottawa Ward Boundary Review – Ongoing

Although this impacts Kanata South boundary, not Kanata North you may want to review the implications for Kanata as a whole. You can have your input now at

From Allan Hubley regarding Ottawa City Ward Boundary Review:

Ward Boundary Review Update

The City of Ottawa hired consultants to review our current ward boundaries to seek a way to balance population within the wards as we       currently have some wards with a population as high as 70,000 people and others who are in the 30,000 or less range. 
The consultants hired to do this review were asked to be respectful of natural boundary features like the Carp river;  to consider geographic history, community interests and capacity. 
In the initial five options, the consultants chose to move an entire area of land, that has zero population, out of Kanata into Stittsville. This doesn’t help to balance the population  and it would have a significant impact on many Kanata South residents.
The former city of Kanata had the foresight to create employment hubs within the community so that people could live work and play near their homes.  Many of our jobs here in Kanata South would become Stittsville jobs should any of those five options move forward. 
Another very important point to consider is recreation. You may be concerned to learn that our largest park, the Kanata Recreation Complex (KRC), home to our Kanata Canada Day celebrations, would be moved to Stittsville under these five options.  Our beloved Kanata Knights would become the Stittsville team.  Kanata baseball, soccer and hockey leagues that call the KRC or the Bell Sensplex home will need to give up prime field and ice to Stittsville teams. In one move of a pen and no rationale, 6 of our 7 ice pads and a majority of our premium sports fields move to Stittsville, giving the Stittsville teams priority bookings over other teams.

You can help prevent this by going to the survey and voting for option 6.

Option 6 was created when city council asked the consultants to go back and use the initial guidelines set out in the project mandate.
Option 6 leaves our Kanata South boundaries as they are, which is why we need you to log onto  and take the survey so that your voice is heard.
Some have suggested in the media,  that residents don’t care about the history of our community and access to these services that your tax dollars and a  portion of the cost of your home went towards building – please prove them wrong.  It is up to you whether or not we give our hard earned community benefits away for nothing.

Thank you for your attention to this very important issue.