Kanata North Lands – North of Beaverbrook Update – February 23, 2021

A brief update on the KNL development north of the Beaverpond, Phase 9. (This is the KLCA understanding of the matter based on information from the City and KNL representatives, February 2021.)

  1. Storm water from Phase 9 will flow into the Beaverpond and into the Kizell creek at the railroad track. The storm water pipe leading to the Beaverpond will require removal of about 100 trees and probably the same amount for the Kizell pipe.
  2. The new storm water system into the Beaverpond will include a basin to prevent heavy contaminants from flowing directly into the Beaverpond. It also acts as a flow buffer during high levels of runoff. (There is a similar unit on the opposite side of the Beaverpond.)
  3. The Phase 9 sanitary sewer line will run behind Kimmins Court on City land and connect to the City’s main truck line near Steacie Drive.
  4. Blasting will be required for both the storm water and sanitary sewer lines.
  5. KNL hopes to have the underground infrastructure completed by the end of the summer and to start building houses in Phase 9 by the end of the year.
  6. The storm water management plan for Phase 7 and 8 is still unresolved.